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Stay Slim and Appealing with the new SLIM GUARD from Herbasium Life

Slim Guard, a natural product from Herbasium Life, is a much sought after Ayurvedic Solution for all overweight problems. A herbal product with natural ingredients, Slim Guard has been developed by experts from the classical texts of Ancient Ayurveda to help overweighed people to lose their extra weight and regain slim body shape. It not only boosts your metabolic rate but also cures all disorders with respect to an overweighed and heavy body. With ingredients like Bridelia Montana, Glycosmis Pentaphylla, Medoghna Gana, Crataeva Nurvala, etc, this highly effective medicine eliminates harmful metabolic residues, increases metabolic rate and helps your body burn the deposited and unwanted fat, giving you A HEALTHY BODY....

Why Slim Guard?

How slim guard works

Slim Guard is prepared from a blend of selected anti-obese herbs that are authentically documented in the Ayurvedic texts of ancient India. These herbs which form the ingredients of Slim Guard are extraordinary weight reducers that remove metabolic residues and thereby accelerates metabolic rate in your body. This further burn the fat deposited along your waistline and hipline and limits the formation of fatty acids in the muscles and liver, giving your body an exotic shape and fitness. Moreover it maintains a balance between Vata-Pitta-Kabha when you lose weight, thus removing any disorders related to obesity and gifting you with a rare fit and seductive look. It is very effective to manage PCOS or PCOD problem and helps in its treatment. Try Slim Guard and Get a Sexy Shape Today!

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  • "I have PCOD and doctor told me to reduce weight. I tried dieting, walking but weight didn’t reduce. Then I tried one product which is advertised in TV in the night and it was just a wast of money. I happened to get introduced to slim guard through my aunty who is in her 50’s . She told me this herbal product is very effective and she had tried it to reduce weight due to knee pain. Even though I got the result little late due to my PCOD, I am very happy now with my lean looks."*

    Kavitha Subramanium*
    26 years Chennai.*

  • "I am working with IT industry and due to my hectic work schedule i get no time for exercises , yoga etc . Thanks to Slimguard in one month i have reduced nearly 12 kilos and was able to see a good difference in my tummy area. Now i am energetic and feel confident to try with short dresses. Once again a big salute to slim guard."

    Mohamed Abrahim*
    29 years Mumbai*

  • "Due to pregnancy care from my beloved parents i gained nearly 30 kg as overweight. I was really worried as how will i go to office with this kind of bulky body. I couldn’t go for any gym since i need to take care of my child. My cousin recommended me slim guard and I was little doubtful whether it will have any negative effect on my child since I am breastfeeding her. Since slim guard is produced out of pure herbs there were no reason to worry. Thanks to slim guard I am able to get back in to good shape within 3 months itself."*

    Sunitha Chauhan*
    25 years Delhi*

  • "It was really frustrating when my friends call me fat guy all the time. I was in search of a real herbal product which can help me to come out of obesity since I was lazy to go to gym and do hectic exercises . Then my friend Roopa advised me to go for Slimguard. She has not only used it four years back and suggested to many of her friends too. I felt slim guard to be good since it is herbal. I tried it and was able to remove my name from “Fat guy Raj” to just "Raj Patel”. Thanks to Slimguard ."*

    Raj Patel*
    30 years Ahmedabad*

  • "Excellent results and i am happy to recommend slim guard , I used to avoid parties and family get togethers due to my inferiority complex of having a fat body. Thanks to slim guard , I was able to get a nice flat tummywithin 2 months of usage of slim guar. Another thing I noticed is that my skin started shining and black marks also gone. I checked with the company and they said that it is the added benefit of using this herbal product since it removes all impurities from the body too."*

    Priyanka sen*
    40 years Kolkata*

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This product are not intended to diagnose,cure or prevent any disease. Request you to keep a realistic expectation from our product. For each individual the result will vary. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication

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